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Beginner KickFit Classes Enrolling In March

Martin's ATA is proud to offer KickFit as a way to get our students in the best shape of their life with a fun, safe and unique Kickboxing curriculum.

Our KickFit Kickboxing Cardio class is a combination of Boxing techniques and kicking moves that are used in several martial arts - such as Taekwondo, Karate and Kung Fu - that will get you in the best shape of your life. With KickFit in Las Vegas, you'll develop core conditioning while being provided a REAL full-body workout that will have you sweating and melting away unwanted pounds.

Martin's ATA Kickboxing Las Vegas

Experience A Workout That Will Change Your Life!

You'll train side-by-side with our incredible KickFit instructors with a wealth of experience. Whether you're already in great shape or you've never taken a fitness class before, we'll help you exceed your fitness goals and enjoy a level of fitness like you've never experienced before!

You can look forward to the following benefits when you become a KickFitter in the best Cardio Kickboxing classes in Las Vegas:

  • Fat Loss - increase your metabolism and become a fat burning machine!
  • Muscle Toning - for longer, leaner, sexier muscles!
  • Increased Endurance and Stamina - so that you can keep up with your hectic schedule!
  • Better flexibility and Coordination - helps your body to operate at peak efficiency and prevent injury!
  • Rebuild confidence - Once you start looking and feeling better, others will notice the positive changes immediately!
  • Fun- it's easy to stick with KickFit classes because it is so much fun!

Exceed Your Expectations With KickFit Kickboxing Classes In Las Vegas!

To learn more about this exciting and unique fitness program, just take a minute to provide your contact information through the short form on this page. When you do, we'll send you all the details about how to get signed up for our incredible KickFit program.

Complete the form and you'll be on your way to getting a killer body thanks to KickFit classes at Martin's ATA!

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